Fabio Maria Linari was bom in La Spezia in 1959. Son of the artist Giacomo Linari, he qualified at the Artistie High School of Carrara and subsequently at the Accademia di Belle Arti in 1983. In 1984 he graduated in chalcography and art printing, attending courses held by the Segno Grafico Ligure printing house in La Spezia, and the Centro Internazionale della Grafica in Venice. In 1985 he moved to Milan, where his artistic career began to take on a concrete form. In 1986 Linari met Giovanni Testori, whose spur was an admirable stimulus to the artist's intentions. Thus 1988 saw his first one-man exhibition in Gardone Riviera, entitled "La periferia e il ponte" (The outskirts and the bridge) and presented by Francesco Frangi. The same year he took part at an exhibition at the Il Gabbiano gallery with the artists Campi and Casentini. In 1987 Linari held the chair of Pietorial Subjects at the L.A.S. in Bergamo. In 1989, together with his father Giacomo, he participated in the "Paesaggi" (Landscapes) exhibition in the Minotauro gallery. At the beginning of the nineties he held another one-man exhibition, Leaves of Joumey, at the University of Santa Barbara in California.
Together with the American artist Kerry Condron, he valorised a rough district of San Francisco with an exhibition entitled "On the road": Hayes valley block.
Back in Italy he was engaged with his father Giacomo in a one-man exhibition at the USA Consulate in Milan, presented by Mauro Corradini and Ferruccio Battolini.
In 1990 the Bleich-Rossi gallery in Graz, Austria provided the artist with further stimuli.
1992 saw one-man exhibitions in the Agape gallery in Milan and the Nomads location in San Francisco, together with the sculptor Paolo Schmidlin.
Linari exhibited in Bergamo on numerous occasione, especially in the Charta gallery: in 1996 "Autostrada" (Motorway) was the title of the exhibition whose catalogue wa.S illustrated by the Bosnian poet Dizdarevich, Roberto Barzi and Vincenzo Forsetti.
Still at the Charta gallery, in 1997, after a brief period which Linari spent in New York, the exhibition "Cartoni newyorkesi" (New York Cards) was presented by Marina Pizziolo. In both 1996 and 1997 Linari was among the Morlotti prize-winners at Imbersago.
Still at Imbersago, the following year the gallery owner Aldo Mari organised a new one-man exhibition of Linari, "Orizzonti Verticali" (Vertical Horizons) with a presentation text by the writer Luigi Marsiglia.
In 1999 the artist was invited to put on the exhibition "Torre di Controllo" (Control Tower) in Malpensa Airport, again presented by Luigi Marsiglia.
In December last year, for the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a scrics of Linari's works commemorating the event, entitled "Carte Berlinesi" (Berlin Cards) were presented by Giuseppe Agosti at the Ars Media gallery in Bergamo.
During the Jubilee Year he met the Holy Father at the Vatican, on the occasion of the retrospective of Linari's father's works and the Postulation of the Montfort Doctor of the Church Cause, with texts by Battista Cortinovis and Domenico Mantalto.
In 2001, after an exhibition in Messina, Linari was invited to exhibit his works at the Compagnia del Disegno in Milan, by the gallery owner Alain Toubas.
The artist currently lives and works in Bergamo and in Chiari, situated to the east of Milan.