by Edda Daidone

What strikes the eye in the painting of the Alitta is his use of colours and transparencies, crystallised houses that seem to strike each viewer in a unique way, tall trees, at times skeletal; others, generous with leafy branches that open a new vista on the natural world around us. Sometimes, the daily visual reality makes one forget the enchantment of the surroundings. This everyday life studies, with its anxieties, stresses, and sometimes gasps, the reminders of the forgotten natural beauties, alive but belonging completely to our everyday surroundings. In a calm moment, this natural beauty is transported onto the canvas and is there admired anew. These images, nurturing vague feelings, are perhaps reminiscences of the distant but always dose infancy, as if for the first time we noticed the rising of the sun or the sunset. Reminiscences of the first days of our human life, when we were still unaware of the inevitable disappointments that this human life sometimes brings.

Alitta poetically transforms the reality of life, striking the most secret spots, softly, hidden from others, even from ourselves as well. These landscapes are like dreams with fabulous inner fantasies, with the charm of all the preceding and future generations. Man wants to escape from reality, at times sad and without hope; he grabs on to his dreams of impossible but always pleasing times. Every tree, each cottage seems to hide some magic that recalls the simple and natural reality of long days; it wants to remind us that we are a part of the whole.

Each of us is a small molecule with an arc of brief life, where we develop a precise assignment, where everything has an exact significance. Each artist, and particularly Alitta, expresses his I" more intimately, faithfully, through his work, rising us above human miseries, creating a world in which, whoever participates, is able to understand the message, essentially a human message implicit in his canvas. Paintings that the operator fills with poetry: It is the same nature that, with the eternal renewal of the seasons, receives calmly, after the cold winter, the warm sunny days.