Artists’ landscapes in the Naples of the Grand Tour

Exhibition: “Real-life. Neapolitan landscapes from Gigante to De Nittis”

From :12 aprile 2002    to :21 luglio 2002

Location: Palazzo Cavour, Via Cavour 8 – April 12 – July 21 2002
Opening Times: Every day 10am–7.30pm, Thursdays 10am–10pm, closed on Mondays
Entrance: €6.20 (full price), €4.13 (reduced price)
Information: Tel 011530690
Free-phone number: 800329329

The Naples of the Grand Tour was the destination for writers and artists from all countries who considered the city an inspirational muse. This feeling for the city can be seen in the works of Neapolitan landscape painters dating from 1820-1880, the period covered by the 100 paintings on display in the exhibition running at Palazzo Cavour in Turin until July 21. From Gigante to De Nittis, the exhibition tells of a piece of history, a cultural climate. The first section, which deals with the period from the 1820s to the 1850s, looks at the era when Beniamino De Francesco and the Giuseppe Palizzi’s “historical landscape painting” existed alongside the Posillipo School with Giacinto Gigante and also the Dutch painter Pitloo. This was a real-life landscape painting which developed in the face of foreign artists passing through Naples such as the Dutch artist Teerlinck, the Danish painter Dahl and the Russian Scedrin.
The middle section of the exhibition (1850s to 1860s) focuses on light, on those singular techniques which breathe life into canvas, and on the first glimpses of the ''macchia'' at a time when the Palizzi brothers started to produce realistic works after having come into contact with exponents of the Barbizon School.
Lastly, the third section concerns development of “real-life painting” as developed by Michele Cammarano in his later years and by the Resina School founded by Marco De Gregorio. The exchange with the Tuscan Macchiaioli painters such as Telemaco Signorini, Cabianca and Cecioni, who stayed in Naples from 1863 to 1867 is included in this section.