Great Genoese painters from the Ermitage
From Luca Cambiaso to Magnasco

Exhibition: “Great Genoese painters from the Ermitage – From Luca Cambiaso to Magnasco”

dal :16 marzo    fino al :30 giugno

Location: Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Matteotti, 9 Genoa, From March 16 – June 30
Opening Times: Every day except Monday, from 9am to 9pm
Entrance: € 6.50 (full price) € 5.50 (reduced price)
Information: PR Office: Tel and Fax: 010-593168
Press Office: Tel. 02-878380

The exhibition in question is being held in the prestigious rooms of the Doge’s apartment in Palazzo Ducale.
It brings together images of the times, situations, places and people that played a leading role in the history of relations between Genoa and the court of St. Petersburg during the eighteenth century: from Peter the Great, Catherine II and other Tsars to Russian and Genoese ambassadors and other important visitors. From the all-important maritime and merchant contacts (Genoa was the port of embarkation for marble and sculptures destined to adorn the imperial residences of St. Petersburg during the eighteenth century) through to cultural and diplomatic contacts.
The works on display cover a period of time which goes from the sixteenth century through to the eighteenth century and include some extremely important paintings by Luca Cambiaso, Bernardo Strozzi, Gioacchino Assereto, G.B. Castiglione, Anton Maria Vassallo, Valerio Castello, G.B. Langetti, Peter Muller, G. Agostino Cassana, Peirano, Alessandro Magnasco and drawings by Luca Cambiaso, Lazzaro Tavarone, G. B. Paggi, Giulio Benso, G. G. Castiglione, Valerio Castello, Bartolomeo Biscaino, Domenico Piola, Giò Andrea Carlone and Alessandro Magnasco. The exhibition also includes a rare drawing by Charles De Wailly which allows us to have an idea of the decoration inside Palazzo Campanella located in Via Garibaldi which was destroyed during the last war.