Russian futurism
for the first time in Italy

Pavel Filonov
"La formule du prolétariat de Pétrograd ", 1920

Title: ''Russian Futurism: the challenge of the Avant-Garde''
Location: Regional Archaeological Museum, Roncas, 1, Aosta.
Tel: 0165 238680 - 238685 -238674 Until April 7 2002
Entrance: Free

A vast retrospective exhibition of Russian futurism, one of the most important artistic experiences of the 1900s, has been staged for the first time in Aosta.
The exhibition inside Aosta Archaeological Museum contains about 200 works, on loan from Russian public collections and in particular from the Russian State Museum of St. Petersburg.
The exhibition presents the various aspects of a movement which, "contrary to Italian futurism, has not been sufficiently studied". Indeed the first exhibition put on in Russia and dedicated specifically to this theme dates from 1999.
Paintings, sculptures, books and etchings by the leading artists of the Russian movement, among them Kazimir Malevic, Natalija Goncarova, Mikhail Larionov, David Burljuk, Ol' ga Rozanova, Vladimir Baranov-Rossine, Aleksandra Ekster, Ljubov Popova and Pavel Filonov are on display on the two floors of the museum. The exhibition also includes a section dedicated to applied arts featuring pottery, plates, tapestries and everyday objects made at the beginning of the 1920s.