MiArt 2002

With a great spirit of optimism MiArt 2002 has reached its 7th edition where participation has seen further increases: the total number of exhibiting galleries will be 216 (compared with 174 last year), 38 from abroad, and the quality even higher than before thanks to the rigorous selection of the Consultative Committee composed of Marco Bottai, Antonio Colombo, Leonardo Farsetti, Pasquale Leccese, Franco Noero, alongside the foreign gallerists Tommaso Corvi-Mora and Donatello Di Meo.
Moreover, the number of visitors is expected to be higher than last year's 26,000.

The 2002 edition of MiArt is subdivided into the usual three sectors: Modern, Contemporary and Preview, a space devoted to research galleries exhibiting artists in the under-35 age group with works and installations valued at € 5,500 or below.
There are numerous new entries of important cultural significance.
Among the Italians: Alfonso Artiaco/Naples,, Monica De Cardenas/Milan, Massimo Minini/Brescia, Lia Rumma/Naples-Milan, Mimmo Scognamiglio/Naples and Tucci Russo/Torre Pellice.
As for foreign entries important confirmations have been received from Cabinet/London, Fabien Fryns Fine Art/Marbella, Barbara Gladstone Gallery/New York-London, Monica Sprüth and Philomene zagers/Cologne-Munich and The Modern Institute/Glasgow, as well as galleries exhibiting at MiArt for the first time: Galerie 1900-2000/Paris, Peter Kilchmann/Zürich, Martin Klosterfelde/Berlin, who will exhibit together with Giň Marconi/Milan, Andrew Kreps/New York, Lisson Gallery/London and Nourbakhsch Giti Galerie/Berlin.

An aspect of added value in MiArt 2002 is the project "Material and Virtual" by Daniela Palazzoli which, with its two small but significant side exhibitions devoted to Fausto Melotti and Fulvio Bianconi, in pavilion 3, pays homage to two artists who have made Lombardy their home and, implicitly, to those artists who have returned to employing "ancient" materials, glass and ceramics in particular. And, in a global sense, given the digital era we live in, these exhibitions are devoted to reinventing the ability to "seen with our fingers", to think with the whole body in a dialogue between artist and public that is more involving and versatile.

The first exhibition, devoted to one of the leading exponents of Italian abstractionism Fausto Melotti (1901-86), comprises twenty-one works, on loan from private collections, and follows the celebration of the centenary of this skilful manipulator of materials. Alongside his celebrated ceramic vases we will also see three works in terracotta and numerous sculptures where unusual, softer and more ephemeral materials like paper and textiles are combined with the typical materials of this art, for example bronze and brass.

The second exhibition is devoted to Fulvio Bianconi (1915-96) - the legendary glass master who by means of his unmistakable expressive freedom created a priceless collection of unique pieces, which have established Murano as the foremost producer of artistic glass.
Fourteen works in blown glass including "dappled" "Scottish" and "lace-like" vases figures form the "Commedia dell'Arte", "Aquatic animals" and "Stones" have been borrowed from private collections so that MiArt 2002 can celebrate this pioneering spirit.
Complementary to this theme, throughout the exhibition, many gallerists will exhibit works by other artists in glass and ceramics.

Moreover we will see the participation of two prestigious Italian galleries with works by master glass artists: Blanchaert of Milan, presenting Ritsue Mishima, and Caterina Tognon of Bergamo and Venice exhibiting works by Silvia Levenson and Stanislav Libenský-Jaroslava Brychtová.
At the Berengo Fine Arts/Murano-Venice venue, Koen Vanmechelen's exhibition "La gallina cosmopolita" on a project by Simona Bordone will be held.
The gallery 1000 Eventi of Milan will hold the preview of a personal exhibition by Giorgio Vigna called "Fuochi d'acqua", with glass works executed by Venini.

Near to the side exhibition areas, photographs will be shown, taken by Fabrizio Garghetti in 1987 during the creation of the "Last Supper" by Andy Warhol at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

The interest shown by the authorities in MiArt is underlined by the significant collaboration of the Lombardy Region and the purchase of works by young Italian artists by Milan Municipality, with the collaboration of Jean-Hubert Martin, from the works exhibited at the Preview section.

BMW will also take part with the art cars by Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella; Edra will furnish the exposition spaces with the "Tatlin" sofas by Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini and also other pieces; Gruppo Italiano Vini and Illy will also participate.

The meetings that will be held in the restaurant area of pavilion 1, transformed for the occasion into a "literary cafe", are of particular interest.

On Friday 3rd May at 15.30 a "Conversation" of great interest to operators in this sector will be held, organised by the Associazione Nazionale Gallerie d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, the conversation will be chaired by the art critic and art economics expert Alberto Fiz on the following themes: updating on the notification regulations for modern art works (speaker Claudia Gian Ferrari, Gallerist); the present situation on fiscal shields for art works, sale via Internet, VAT rates in the European Community (speaker Fabio Marazzi, Studio Marazzi Roncoli Zotti & Partners); Tax deductions from the purchase of contemporary art works for entrepreneurs and professionals (speaker Alberto Righini, a member of Direct Revenue Group of the Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens).

Saturday 4th May at 17.00, Achille Bonito Oliva, Sergio Risaliti and some Italian collectors and gallerists will hold a discussion on the theme "An International story: private Italian collection". During the debate the catalogue of the collection currently on view at Palazzo delle Papesse di Siena "De Gustibus" will be presented.

On Sunday 5th May at 17.00, a "Talk about contemporary art" will be held with the curators Roberto Pinto and Laura Garbarino, and with the young artists of the exhibition Assab One being held at the venue of the ex industrial complex of Grafiche Editoriali Ambrosiane.

Milan, May 2002