Italian Painters

Aaron, Art - Original art. Displaying paintings, watercolors & oils, which originate from the fire in my belly.
Abbott, Sally W. - Valley Illusions - Studio and gallery containting landscapes, visionary, and focus paintings.
Abrams, Ken . - Guyanese artist using bold colors.
Abrams, Larry - His use of vivid colors comes from his background in both fabric and lighting businesses in New York City.
Adams, Bobbi - Professional artist working in oil, pastel, and handmade paper collage using images from the garden.
Adamson, Joy - Paintings of the Peoples of Kenya.
Adler, Marne - Contemporary art of Master artist.
Aggerbecks, Kristoffer - Erotic paintings.
AGUILAR, HOMERO - Columbian artist's paintings of his strange-yet-familiar world of dreams.
Ainsworth, Colin - Abstract paintings in acrylic, watercolour, gouache, oils
Airaksinen, Ritva - Oil and acrylic paintings in three themes: water, dancers and abstract works.
Aitken, Jill - Paintings & collage.
Aleman, Shaun - New Orleans artist whose original acrylic and watercolor paintings reflex the unique character, culture, & heritage of the city & region.
Alexander, Diana - Impressionist fine art, inspired by nature, art for the soul. Original oils and acrylics, as well as limited edition prints. Current art news, books, and a free monthly Creativity Newsletter.
Alexiev, Anguel - Gallery of greeting cards, watercolors, oils, acrylics, paintings of flowers, landscapes, wildlife, sunsets; winner of many art competitions and exhibits.
Alson, Sheila - Original paintings, prints, greeting cards and magnets by the artist are exhuberant in their expression of movement, emotion and relationship through use of abstract figures dancing on colorfully textured backgrounds.
Amoroso, Jack - The artist's gallery, containing complete biographical information, museum and gallery affiliations, and the artist's private collection of Acrylic on Canvas paintings.
Antos, Karen - Impressionist cityscapes and landscapes of Israel, London, Paris, Dallas, Colorado, tropical settings and other beautiful locations; Judaica.
Apte, Peter - An online exhibition. An Australian artist offers limited edition prints.
Arbuckle, Marilyn - Prints and original watercolor paintings for sale, with a gallery of over 60 paintings.
Arvidson, Max - Explores his connection to the South West Australia.
Arvin, Adrian Harrison - Realistic traditional paintings with themes of the Santa Fe area, western, southern, religious and portraits.
Asbach, Hugo - Oils, watercolors and collages by Hugo Asbach, German artist (1913 - 2000). All works on the site are for sale.
Austin-Beech, Terri - Watercolor paintings and drawings.
Bagrationoff, Susan M. - This site is dedicated to displaying gothic and ethereal artwork. Subject matter spans from faeries and mythical creatures to serious subjects suchs as life, death, and magic.
Bajan, George - Romanian paintings.
Bajor, Lois Heeney - Ghost Mountain Art Gallery - Featuring the art work of an electric impressionist.
Barber, Claudia - A site featuring original colored pencil and digital artworks by. Included, along with the originals, are prints of some artworks and greeting cards. All works are abstracts.
Barney, Randy - I enjoy exploring the representational world as I see it. Specializing in original works of art on canvas.
Barton, Bill - Oil paintings of Maine's beautiful landscape.
Barton, Diane Dobson - Paintings created by an award winning artist.
Basch-Davis, Nikki - Plein Air landscapes and urbanscapes. Studied with Lundy Siegrist, son of Society of Six member, Louie Siegrist.
Bates, Irene - Contemporary paintings by Arizona artist Irene Bates.
Bauquel, Patrick - Acrylics, watercolors & oils. Paintings of natural landscapes dead marine flowers
Baynes, Maija - Contemporary original paintings, etchings, and monotypes. Limited editions of original art is also included.
Beal, Robert - Features intaglio's, giclee's, oils and the Fine Art of 'Dreamscapes' from a Surrealist master. Grand prize site winner 2000 - 'The Oneirical visions and Mindscapes'.
Beale, Catherine - Reproductions of her original watercolours & oil paintings of Singapore.
Beale, Julia - California fine artist who specializes in painting commissions.
Becker , Elisabeth Maria - A collection of original watercolors available for collectors and art enthusiasts.
Behlen, Jimmy - Romantic light artistry. Paintings and poetry.
Behlmann, Cletus - Contemporary artist known for his artistic inventiveness fine art paintings including watercolors, acrylics, and pottery.
Belenikin, Valeriy - Gallery of russian artist. Mistery and romantizm in oil paintings.
Bellmann, Martin - American Indian and historical artwork.
Bennett , Lloyd - Case bound book of 80 acrylic paintings, sketched on location in Wells Gray Park, British Columbia, Canada.
Berdila, Aliona - Paintings.
Berger, David - Collection of still life oils by Florida artist.
Bergstrom, Edith - Award winning watercolors, acrylics, oils, and giclee prints. Commissions accepted for fine art of tropical scenes.
Berry, Charles Lynn - Specializing in endangered wildlife, landscape and figurative works, using oils, acrylics, and mixed media.
Besse, Judy - A native born Texan has been professionally painting for the past 15 years. She enjoys painting in all medium including; oil, acrylic, and watercolor.
Black, Elizabeth - Shows paintings of realistic western landscapes, including paintings of the Grand Canyon, Rogue River, Rocky Mountains, and Boulder Colorado in oil and watercolor.
Blair, Christopher - Born in New Zealand these abstract water and oil paintings use emotive brush techniques and evocative colors, exploring themes of human souls and their relationships.
Blandford, Anna - Works of Australian artist.
Blickenstaff, Gina - Portraiture, Still lifes, and Landscapes in oils, pastels and watercolor. Colorful, full of energy and light. Portrait commissions available.
Boagni, Sue - Original watermedia paintings displayed by this Opelousas, Louisiana based artist.
Bochman, Felice - Her paintings of “Moms on the Edge” are offbeat, humorous depictions of motherhood.
Booth, Margaret - Toronto-area artist specialising in portraits of children, pets, homes and boats.
Borghese, Rod - Oil paintings, watercolors, pencil sketches and animation.
Bowzer, Kristi - Original paintings, drawings, and designs
Bracken, Ursula - Expressive realistic paintings by well known artist.
Brauer, Ivan - Descriptive information and thumbnails demonstrating the ways of "plein air."
Brennan, Michael - Original art. Exploring new mixed media abstraction painting.
Brimble, Michael - Mixed media painting, sculpture and drawing.
Brockman, Mark R. - A plein air and studio painter working in oils, pastels and watercolors.
Brown, Linda Ballantine - Offers previews of her water colors and oil paintings and includes contact information.
Buchetto, Louis - Something different in Pop Art; geometric faces are the medium, the message covers everything from the spiritual to the mundane.
Buchholz, Daniel - Vibrant scenes of humans in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media.
Bulger, Patrick - Custom artwork specializing in children and family portraits, animals, famous faces, photo restoration and home renderings utilizing pencil, pen and ink, and airbrush on a variety of media.
Bull, Simon - UK artist in exhibtion at The Necessary Angel Gallery.
Bunce, Fred - Celtic art project. Painting on hand tooled leather in the style of plates from the Celtic Illuminated manuscripts.
Burt, Chris - UK artist selling both modern and abstract art, with sales to the UK and the world!
Bute, Artis - Acrylic on paperboard, abstract interior paintings, nouveau stile.
Calhoun, Rebecca - Expressionist portrait painter.
Camp, David - Various themes or subject matter painted or drawn in a realistic manner.
Campbell, Christine - the Western Isles of Scotland. Works include Scottish Isles landscapes and portraits in various media, some for sale and commisions taken.
Campbell III, Hugh - West texas artist, landscapes of the west.
Caprara, Mario - Landscape and animal oil paintings.
Casler, Loretta - Aldea Art offers a wide variety of watercolors and oils, with landscapes and portraits. Commissions accepted. Lessons offered.
Celeste, Christine - Original contemporary paintings that include women, space and flowers.
Chandler, Suzette Barton - Original works including florals and landscapes, done in neo-impressionist style.
Chang, Jinny - Fine artist specialized in watercolors, oils, and pastels.
Chapman, Eileen - Original landscapes (Ireland & USA), portraits in oils, pastels, charcoal and watercolors.
Church, Marilyn - Acrylics, crayons, pencil, oil, watercolor. Artworks include portraits and figurative pieces.
Cirino, Mollie Kellogg - These figurative works have been described as "shockingly bold yet tender and full of emotion." Many of the images shown are currently available.
Claassen, Jeff - Street artist. Paintings, drawings & skateboard decks. Etc.
Clark, Amelia - Southern art from Mississippi artist Amelia Clark; art, poetry and music of the Old South.
Clem, Brad - Visual artist working in a variety of media.
Cleopas, Emilia - Offering surreal and iconoclastic mixed media paintings. Secure ordering.
Cline, Penelope - Paintings by an English artist, alive with light and color; beaches, markets, and the carnival.
Cloud, Robin Rogers - Oil and watercolor paintings of Oxfordshire architecture, gardens, and countryside.
Clouser, Judy - Mixed media works.
Cochran, Michael - Classic artwork in an old master figurative style. Portraits and homes also drawn from your photos.
Colby, Danica - Acrylic and Oil paintings of tropical scenes, people, and abstract.
Cone, Erin - Portrait artist - paintings and drawings from photos, art for sale, and commissioned artwork.
Constantin. Valérie - Bold and aggressive oils and watercolors.
Cool, Heather - Oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings. Magical, psychedelic, and realistic.
CoolidgeLillian M. - These creations include oil paintings, pastel artworks, art you can wear.
Coonce, Jane McElvany - Works in oil, pastel, and terra cotta. Her paintings of Georgetown University are available in cards and prints.
Cooper, Dan - Landscapes of California, Canada and France.
Cooper, Robert - Canadian Artist. Original paintings and dollshouse miniatures.
Cope, Gregory Clive - Abstract painting from the west coast of Canada.
Cowton, Geoffrey - Features paintings and prints and a giclee printing service. Includes products, services, and company and contact information.
Crawford, Mel - Lives and paints in New England.
Crittenden,Mary - Contemporary impressionist oil paintings created from old photographs which depict a past era. Also portraits and inspirational art.
Cross, Joseph - Canadian artist paints a variety of subjects including portraits, and murals. Art reproductions available.
Dale, Jack - Expressionistic landscape paintings in oil and acrylic.
Dance, R.B. - Renowned for his landscapes, still lifes and botanical paintings.
Darastean, Niculita - Works of romanian artist.
D'Augustine, Kevin - Original oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, as well as pencil, charcaol, and pastel drawings.
David, Ross - Artwork.
Davida, Schulman, - Acrylic & oil paintings, watercolors and intaglio prints.
Davies , Ashley - Art books and Art for sale or rent.
Davila, Juan - This site offers details of current projects, and a complete bibliography.
Davis, Joan Elan - Personal Gallery.
Davis, Scott - Origional paintings& prints of wildlife in their natural habitat.
De Kervalec, Isabelle - I paint the sufferings of the soul and heart and transform these abstact emotions into figurative art. My works belong to the fantastic world.
De Marce, Felicitas - Contemporary paintings. Fantasies of abstract color.
Defendorf, Ed - Paintings of landscapes and lighthouses.
del Hierro, Kathie - Landscapes, fresh and loose, yet representational & filled with vibrant color.
DeLano, Bree - Features abstract and portrait work available as signed prints or cards. Includes biography.
Delehas, Avra - She aims to reveal the inner light and beauty of her subjects.
deLorge, Ann - See New Orleans jazz come to life through paintings and prints.
Dempwolf, Karl - California fine art in the plein-aire tradition.
den Hertog, Michael - Contemporary and abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media.
Dent, Dorothy - Features realistic country landscape prints by this well known artist and international teacher.
DeTullio, Robert - This Gallery of Oilluted contains hundreds of his origional paintings in oils and acrylics. Reproductions are available.
Dickens, Albert - Professional Artist & Designer.
Diener,David - Tastefully done figure studies done in different mediums, such as paint, pencil, pastels and ink.
Ding Yi - Contemporary chinese painter.
Dino, Trtovac - Abstracts
Dodia, D.G. - Oil paintings on canvas, cotton and oil paper. Subjects include landscapes, animals and nature.
Dong, Monica - Monica specializes in painting wildlife vignettes in mixed media.
Dorfman, Elissa - Original contemporary paintings, watercolors, prints by New York artist.
Dowhie, Karl - Features pastels, watercolors, oils, and prints of botanical and landscape images.
Downes, Deborah - Specializing in Caribbean Island scenes, Italian marketplaces, European and Mediterranean styles in original oil paintings or prints.
Dubosq , Marlie - Oil and small wartercolor paintings of Caribbean landscapes.
Dunham, Gregory - Watercolor landscapes of Maine, Nova Scotia and Cornwall England by Maine artist and contemporary realist.
Eckels, Nancy - Colorful abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas or paper.
Egan, Suzanne - San Francisco fine artist, graphic designer, and production manager offers large paintings, illustration, graphic design for print and web, Flash animation, photo retouching, production management.
Eichelberger, Curt - Pop art paintings by graffiti style artist.
Eisner, Dirk - Oil paintings, portraits and impressions on calligraphy.
Ellington, Stewart Lane - Original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas.
Ellis, Jacquie - Showing oil and pastel original paintings of bird, seascapes and landscapes especially of New Zealand.
Ellman, Roger - Brilliantly colourful, original abstract paintings.
Emmett, Richard - Witness the brightest of Britains contemporary artists with colourful images of human figures and landscapes delivered with FREE frame direct to your door.
Enfantino, Richard - Paintings.
Engeldinger, Margaret - Artist providing original drawings, acrylics and watercolors, as well as notecards and prints. Ordering information, pictures.
Escudero, Marta - Pet portraits in soft pastels or acrylics.
Evers, Michael - Prints and paintings of celebrities from movies, theater, music, television and life.
Exum, W.L. - Best-selling author and noted American Artist, currently offering portraits, seascapes, and Historic Ship paintings. Also: True Military History books, True Crime books and Courtroom Case Studies.
Fallshaw, Daniel - Gallery of Original Paintings in oil and other media plus Limited Edition Art Prints by the artist.
Farren-Price, Catherine - A Sydney based artist who's work encompasses the areas of still life, figuratives, contemporary and abstract art.
Fernandes, Regina - Original paintings for sale. Art work in watercolour, acrylic, gouache, oil, pencil and crayon. Commissions are welcome.
Ferraro, Veronica - Contemporary artist. Gallery. Oil on canvas. Oil on photos. Homeless research. Landscapes, bowls, bodegones, nudes.
Fine, Yves - Explore amazing Works of Art / Paintings / Trompe L'oeil / Murals & Digital Paintings.
Finnin, Martin - Current work.
Firecat, Brenda - Self-Expression is the pathway to the soul! Watercolors, photos, and sometimes a surprise or two.
First , Jane - Artist, creative director, paintings, advertising, a museum.
Flemings, Hulan - Original Oil Paintings and Prints. Pictures Of Westerns,Seacapes,Figures,Wildlife.
Fletcher, Roy - Offers prints of original paintings depicting scenery. Subjects include England, Spain, and Sunsets. Also includes links. Located in the UK.
Forster, Lauria - Original, inexpensive art and landscapes comprising tropical themes, as well as Florida and points north.
Fram, Suzette - Florals and landscapes in watercolor and/or acrylic on watercolor or rice paper.
Francis, Sandra - Paintings done in the last 2 years.
Franklin, Phyllis - Oils, pastel, acrylic, and watercolors.
Fransen, E. Lynette - Specializing in pastel and oil portraits of people and animals. Paintings, pastels, pencils, limited edition prints, and gift items.
Freeman, Ava - Decorative paintings and fine prints in watercolors and oil, vibrant colors while maintaining a delicate sensitivity.
Freeney, John J. - Professional artist in all mediums.
Friel, Lynne - Quality house portraits of homes and other buildings created using ink and wash techniques.
Frost, Robert - Frosty Paris - Landscape painter on the Lewis and Clark trail, Missouri River and the upper great plains.
Fuller, Ken - A biography and example of his work.
Fullerton, Lindy - Rich bold acrylic colors sculpted into rivers of texture. View God's spirit in a child's face or the majesty of a fire ant.
Gagloeva Marina - Paintings made in a "naive" style of but there are some exceptions. The techniques are different: oil, pastel and watercolors.
Garcia. Gabriel - Offering a variety of custom airbrush services for T-shirts, helmets, costume character detailing, special event props, centerpieces, murals, and more.
Garcia, Julia - Original fine art paintings done in mixed media on canvas with sculptural effects in a 3 dimensional format.
Gentreau, Brigitte - French artist working in acrylics. Post modern original paintings. Electronic greeting cards.
George, Gary Stephen - Portraits, figure paintings, wildlife art and serigraphs.
Gercken, Graham - Original oil paintings of animals,houses, and landscapes.
Gerreyn, Max - Drawing, painting and cartooning.
Gevorgian, Garen - Stage design, paintings and murals from a New York artist.
Gilbert, Roger S. - Original Paintings of railroad related subjects.
Gines, Serran-Pagan - The gallery is located in Southampton, New York
Giralt J.M. - Profiles and outlines are enhanced, giving the composition its perspective and enlarging its spatiality. Paintings that evidence a constant line defined by his landscapes
Gluck, Larry - Beautiful oil paintings, prints and art instruction by the man who can teach anyone to paint.
Gnidziejko, Amy - An emerging artist specializing in contemporary realism. Her work includes still lifes done in both watercolor and egg tempera oil emulsion. Available as iris ciglee prints.
Gold, max - I paint by hand with the assistance of numerically controlled computer equipment.
Golden, Christy - Creative original artwork. Freelance artist with many new ideas for decorating.
Golden Letter - Located in Paris, providing personalized paintings. Site may be viewed in French or English.
Golden, Rolland - Realism - with strong design, always with emotion and intellectualism.
Goldenberg, Roger - Offering the abstract art.
Goodwin, Lezli - Contemporary paintings featuring minimalist, abstract works on canvas.
Goodwin, Wayne - Scenic paintings or pen and ink reproductions including Cape Cod lighthouses and historical architecture.
Grose Forrester, Patricio - Art-to-wear by annoying Argentinian artist.
Grundy, Gordy - Minimal Abstract Expressionist work as well as his hilarious and philosophical written works.
Guarnaccia, Louis - Marine landscapes of Nantucket Island, MA. Also portraits.
Gucwa, James - American Photo-Realism. Harley Davidson & neon, Art.
Guy, Rebecca - Original works of art, art prints, art cards and wearable art.
Hafner, Lila - Bay area artist.
Hamilton, Alex - Vibrant and young, Contemporary South African Artist.
Hanafi, Abdelhamid - A versatil artist of international reputation. Information about his life, his works and his exhibitions, as well as useful links.
Hansen, Joan - San Diego, California artist offers original paintings, limited edition giclees, posters, puzzles, and an art education book. Landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and florals are completed in oil, acrylic or watercolor.
Harden, Luann - Pieces depicting serenity along the shorelines and lighthouses of the Great Lakes.
Harvey, JV - Original paintings and prints, books of poetry and painting, inspirational tapes, seminars and other products.
Henning, Stephen - Contemporary representational landscape painter and impressionist, inspired by the world of nature. His paintings on canvas explore light and space to create a strong sense of place.
Herbert, Martin - Visionary, fantasy and pagan influenced paintings & limited edition prints.
Higgins, Terri - Watercolors, oils, textiles, and other media.
Hill, Stephanie - Colorado born artist and single mother, captures the essence of individuals, family and community utilizing communication, observation and oil paint - ranging from the eros to corporate.
Hinnant, Vandorn - A collection of Sacred Geometry and Ambient paintings.
Hirsch, Allen - "New Cubism" oils, and recent figurative and portrait paintings on string.
Hoel, Unni - Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media paintings. Impressionist, abstract, surreal, and realism.
Hoffmann, Joan - Gallery of adventure oil paintings en plein air.
Hoglund, Kris - Paintings and graphics by Seattle artist.
Holland, Walter - Esoteric and academic study of color, light, and texture, ranging from still life and landscapes, to geometric figuratives and abstract work.
Hosch, Kathy - Oils and still-lifes by native Wisconsin artist. Online gallery includes florals, nature scenes and landscapes, gardens, seascapes, and lighthouses.
Howie, J. Mark - figurative paintings, biography, and directions to his studio in Madrid, Spain.
Howling, Frieda - Nature is the primary focus of my work. Paintings, mono and linoprints, assemblages and mixed media, in sizes from moderate to very large displays.
Hughes, Nigel - Watercolour paintings of Latin America, Maya monuments, its birdlife, landscapes.
Hulse, Caroline - South of France series of landscape paintings by professional artist, represented by galleries in the UK and USA
Hulse, Caroline - Contemporary modern art paintings.
Huluba, Carmen - An abstractexpressionist painter.
Humphrey, Jean - Nature artwork inspired by the colors and textures of the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Humphries, David - Textural impressionism created in a range of oil, acrylic, gesso and watercolour paintings.
Hyam, Alejandro - Original abstract paintings. Mainly dealing with colour, geometry and line. Alejandro studied in London, now lives and works in Prague.
Ibrahim, Suzlee - Private collectors, private galleries, art schools and the Royalties are amongst the collectors.
Ingis-Claus, Gail - Artist and interior designer specializing in architectural landscapes and interiors, still life painting, landscapes and seascapes.
Insalaco, Barbara - Fine Art of Nantucket Island.
Izquierdo, Jaime - Samples of recent paintings. I am a graduate the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I sell glycee limited editions of my work to decorators, and direct to clients.
Jackson, Jeanine - Original oil paintings, portraits and landscapes. Commissions for anniversary, birthday, Christmas, promotion, new home, etc... as well as some finished pieces available for immediate shipping.
Jacobs, Steve - Art of Charleston. Originals in oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphite. Prints of watercolors and graphites available.
James Brown - Over 100 original paintings and drawings by Seattle artist.
Janson, Randy - Pop art paintings, posters, and stickers.
Jardine, Susan Alcott - Paintings in the contemporary style and tradition of Naif/Folk Art.
Jeanne Chalmers - New York area and artist.
Jeff Stride - Landscapes of France, gardens, interiors, portraits, you will find calm, serenity, and peace during your visit to this website.
Jelley, Lindsay - Fine art gallery of Stonehenge oils, landscape, abstract & still life.
Jodoin, John - Original Landscapes.
Jones, Sky - Original paintings.
Joo, Leeah - View paintings from Portugal, Kansas City, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraits, narratives.
Jorge Pinzon - Home - Alternative abstract art using oils, crayon and pencil.
Joy, Dawn - Unique, original, abstract, expressionistic acrylic and watercolour paintings of people, animals, nudes, warm and colourful, textured, some childlike, very interesting and collectible by Canadian artist.
Justice-Schaab, Rebecca - Original paintings, in various media. Representational and abstract, still lifes, and figurative artwork.
Kaczmarski, Judi - BreakOut Art - Online art gallery, Chicago artist specializing in oil paintings, acrylics and mixed media.
Kaitz, Gustave - Always ahead of his time, capturing the soul through his art, Kaitz's work is one of awe and imagination, of philosophy and self-realization (1913-1992) Art Deco.
Kanegis, Dvora - Tango, judaica, abstract & contemporary art.
Kaplan, Darlene - Many original Oriental Brush Paintings and Oils.
Karaskevicus, Linda - Watercolors and oils featuring landscapes, protraits, and genre works by this Pennsylvania artist. Pets and children are frequent subjects.
Karimi, Reza - Iranian paintings and fine art prints.
Keller, Laura Alvarez - View the collection of original paintings by this renowned Spanish Expressionist artist.
Keller, Pat - Introducing joyful, improbable colors into a landscape.
Kemp, Helen - Works of contemporary UK artist.
Kennedy, Scoot - Artist of the Great Outdoors. View wildlife, fishing, landscape, dog and cats prints hand personalized gifts.
Kennedy, Nicole White - Award winning artist, specializing in colorful oil, acrylic, and pastel of Italian and Tuscan life.
Kern, Deborah - Full-scale examples of mythical and highly symbolic oil paintings of this accomplished artist.
Kidd, Barry - Original Australian landscape paintings from multi-award winning artist.
Kilgour-Frost, Heather - The Magic Paintbrush - nursery rhymes, posters and prints.
Kindred, Peter - Online portfolio of TV production designer turned artist, includes landscapes, still life, interiors and portraits.
King, Ruth - Experimental, abstract collage paintings done in acrylics create a strong sense of place, be it another dimension, some fantasy world, or outer(inner) space.
Koskela, Kenneth - Whimsical watercolor and oil paintings, inspired by a fantastic, dream-like interpretation of Victorian scenes.
Kulenovic, Maya - Absurd, ritualistic and real, large scale paintings.
Lamar, Rom - Abstract Paintings, masks & sculptures.
Lambourne, Isabel - Modern day genre paintings, portraits, figures in movement and still lives.(Oil paint, acrylic, gouache and pastel.)
Lane, Cathera - A Woodstock fine art painter and maskmaker.
Lara, Delia - Realism, abstracts, expressionism, symbolism, landscapes, and fantasy art.
Larson, L. Galen - Mixed media Tulip & Botanical Art.
LaRuffa, Italia - Her oil paintings explore the universal truths of geometry and organic structures with rich colors and impeccable technique.
Laughlin, Phil - Abstract expressionist art in acrylics, printers ink and oil.
Laurie, R.W. - Art works from an African-American black artist
LaVercombe, D.T. - Delightful landscapes Painted in oil of Appliachian Mountains, Fields and Streams. View Recent and archival Paintings that are available to purchase.
Leaning , Ray - Drawings, sketches, limited edition prints and paintings. Original sensual images of the female form, some nudes.
LeDell, Cinder - New Jersey artist presents originals, limited edition signed prints, & greeting cards.
Leitch, Mary Ann - Mixed mediums of acrylic, silkscreen, pastel and assorted attachments of mineral stones and glass jewels.
Lennox, Debra Beck - Acrylic, watercolor & oil painting of local Mendocino California subjects. Also architectural design & computer AUTOCAD drafting
Leondar,Arnold - Studio Leondar:Artist 78 years old(2002). Retrospective work dated 1946_present;oil,acrylic,watercolor,drawing. Represented Art Museums Houston,Beaumont(TX);Roswell(NM).
Lester, David - A view of this Northern California artist's paintings, and painting tips in watercolor and pastel.
Lewis, Dan - Idaho artist shows portrait and landscape paintings and pastels. Some works feature historical figures.
Lewis, Leslie - Geometric abstraction, and color field landscape paintings in acrylic, oil, and gouache.
Lim, Margi - Freeform Artist that Captivates.
Logan, Fred - Acrylic landscapes, seascapes and prints.
Lombardi, Elizabeth - New Jersey artist shows portraits, figurative works, and abstract paintings.
Lopez, Rico - Landscapes, StillLife, Figure and Portraits.He has permanent work at "NicoleGallery "-Chicago, Gallery Kleisler and Gallery Caellum-Madrid.
Loughlin, John - Is a New England artist, who works in oil, watercolor, and drawing. Member AWS.
Love, Beth - Gallery of Paintings.
Lowery, Cecile - Powerful paintings by a southern artist.
Lynch, Ian - Original oil paintings for sale Cornish seascapes and landscapes by artist living in cornwall
Lynch, Robert - Original paintings of Diana Princess of Wales capturing her most enduring qualities.
Macdonald, Robert - Painter on the themes of jazz, myth and Landscape.
Mackenzie Thorpe - his views on his own artwork, why he paints the way he does, links to websites selling his artwork
Maddison, Robert - A well known watercolour artist of highly detailed watercolour paintings and art prints. In 1987 he was commissioned to paint two watercolour paintings for HRH Prince Charles.
Maddrey, Kevin - An east coast artist located in the Washington DC area.
Maffeo-Ober, Dovely - Online gallery of tromp l'eoil murals.
Magneson, Bob - Art gallery of a San Francisco bay area artist.
Magnuski, D.H. - Fauvist/Post-Impressionist art. Acrylic portraits and cityscapes.
Mahnkopf, Gretchen - Providing murals for children and family markets. Located in New York.
Mahon, Mike - Colorful portraiture of people and landscapes of the Southwest and Texas in pastel, oil and watercolor.
Mahoney, Catherine A. - Mid-western Missouri River artist offering original watercolor, oil and multi-media fine art in an Impressionistic and plein-aire style.
Mahvash, Mossaed - Paintings.
Maki, Lucy - I find that painting is a spiritual discipline -- a process of keeping the mind open and receptive, of letting go of all desires and expectations, of detaching from thoughts so as to be fully in the present moment
Mammoser, Tina - Expressionist marine and seascape paintings, Scottish landscapes and figures.
Marché, Catherine - Expressive colorful paintings by British artist.
Marchand, Philippe - French artist resident in Thailand painting local Indochina themes with oils, watercolors.
Markus, Csaba - Limited edition serigraphs, etchings, sculpture, and original art.
Marotta, Stephen - Sports paintings. Baseball, football, basketball, golf, hockey and tennis.
Martens, Meridith - Animal portraits, abstract oil paintings, commissions. Galleries of past work and available paintings.
Masse. Gloria - Unusual works by Canadian Artist.
Masters, Carol - Australian realist art and portraits.
Maughn, Richard - Surreal drawings and paintings.
McBain, Clive - Prints of highly detailed landscapes of Sussex, UK. You can order fine art prints of his work on-line.
McCarter, Gay - Portraits In Oil, Mosaics, General Oil Paintings, Watercolors.
McCrea, Derek - Landscape, lighthouse, barn and flower paintings in watercolor and oil. Also pen and ink drawings and limited edition prints.
McDaniel, Brian K - Portrait painter and Illustrator.
McGuire, Kid - Origional paintings.
McKee, Lary - McKee Studios - Realist painter who specializes in florals, with an emphasis on irises, wildlife, and landscapes.
Mcloughlin, Kevin - Painting and prints.
McNulty, Shawn - Contemporary abstract paintings from a Minneapolis artist exploring oil, acrylic, mixed-media, and collage.
Meaker, Mark - Timeless, spiritually oriented art - landscapes and masks. Large oils and acrylics. Shipped in USA only
Meese, Carol - Extensive on-line galleries of work in oils and oil-collage.
Melangton, Cam - Impressionist art paintings.
Metcalf, Joan and Kristin - Features watercolors and oil pastels available as originals or greeting cards. Includes biography.
Meyer, Elmirie - Artist has had several solo and group exhibitions, and has presented and attended several workshops.
Michael, Colin - Bright vibrant colourful works in oils, pastels and acrylics.
Michael, Eastman, - Paintings include graffiti-like text and figurative elements.
Mieken, Art - Art in Paintings and Stories
Milenski, Milen - Surreal oil paintings on canvas, mural, trompe l'oeil, design.
Millsap, Thom - A contemporary impressionist, with works displaying love and radiant color. Acrylics on canvas.
Millward, Peter N - Christian artist. Prints, cards,commissions.Your vision or favourite scripture reproduced in Oils, Acrylic or Pastel.
Miro, Antoni - Paintings full of interest and color.
Monaco, Vincent - Offers surreal fine art acrylic original paintings and their reproductions as blacklight posters and postcards.
Moon, W. H. - Realistic images of the modern military in action - mixed media.
Moore, Billy Ray , Jr. - Landscapes of various countries artist lived in. Also included are some beautiful indian art and winter scenes.
Moore, "Gizmo" John - Lots of fun art, whimsical and funky art. He's won many awards and travels to many art shows throughout the country.
Moore, Scott - Award winning artist offers reproductions of his work representing his last 23 years of painting.
Morana, Jim - Contemporary abstract on canvas.
Mordetsky, Paul - Original paintings and drawings by Paul Mordetsky . Realistic and dramatic landscapes.
Moreno, Emilio - Despite being deaf and dumb he joined the art school in his town. His dream is to present his artistic creations to the world.
Morishige, Yi-Ping Luo - Limited edition prints of orignal paintings.
Morrison, Brian - Paintings, acrylic on canvas, figure and non figure, art and vision of future, painting explores thought and emotions, poetic verse on canvas, color and form in time.
Moskow, David - Painting, drawing and printmaking.
Muchnick, Arseny - A young British artist who has just had his first personal exhibition.
Muldowney, Nancy E. - Interpreting the natural environment in various media, on paper, canvas, and fabric.
Munro, Rod - Portfolio of his painting of the female nude and classic landscapes, marines and 'genre' work.
Murciano, Patrice - A personal research through erotic art.
Murphy, Heather - Watercolour,oil and acrylic paintings for sale by British artist. Animals and equestrian paintings, portraits and landscapes. Commisions available.
Myers, Terry Kessel - Paintings by New England artist.
Nail, Payza - The artwork and biography of this renowned Turkish artist are shown here. Examples of art include woodcuts and other prints, as well as paintings in oil and acrylic.
Narelle, Grant - Oil painting's of Virginia nature by Grant Narelle.
Nevatie, Eric - Northwest coastal art, cards and limited edition prints.
Nguon, Chan - Khmer arts - oil and water color paintings. Cambodian landscapes, vegetation, and ancient temples.
Nickerson, Naomi - Equine, canine and other fine art created in the classical style.
Niedland, Chris - Large, colorful, abstract, improvisational paintings.
Nieves, Ellen - Oil paintings as in Hudson River School. Classical Landscapes and Figures. Luminous, dramatic skies. Western landscapes. Surrealism.
Norton, helen - The complete gallery.
Nye, Judy - Marine Art gallery of scuba diver, featuring unique sealife paintings and offering limited edition Giclee prints.
Oana Lauric - Art Portfolio - Original, contemporary expressionist artwork.
O'Bryan, Pat - Acid Southwestern art is about cactus swaying in the breeze, adobe churches swirling through the desert, nuns on peyote, and seeing the world in a different way.
O'Clery, Michael - Bird, wildlife & wild landscape paintings by Irish wildlife artist.
Oostvogels, May - Non representational works.
Orazi, Horace - Parisian Painter.
Otomo, Ryu - Paintings, including japanese landscapes; mostly acrylic on canvas.
Pahler, Raymond - Orignal paintings (Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media) & graphite drawings - prints - posters.
Parke, Leslie - Paintings by contemporary visual artist that merge traditional subjects with overall compositions based on contemporary abstract principles.
Patchell-Olson, Denise - Fine art prints and New England watercolor landscapes.
Patrick Jackson - Specialising in Commission Work, landscape, Portraiture and Still life
Pearson, James - Professional Kentucky contemporary artist featuring colorful acrylic, watercolor and Japanese inks.
Pentecost, Gwen - Landscapes of the west, includes figurative and still life work, too. Member of Women Artists of the West.
Perez, Alex - Huge presentation of this israeli artist; landscapes in the impressionistic way, figures and other themes.
Perry, Nick - North West, UK watercolour painter, pencil drawing and acrylic Military paintings.Commissions undertaken.
Persson, Ruby - Gallery of portrait and figurative pop-art paintings of the New York City artist.
Petra, Lemmerz - Recent work of the German artist. The painting itself is the river from which something can flow or the substance from which something can emerge.
Pinto, Vito M. - Paintings in acrylics and oils by New York artist.
Polakoff, Serge - Harmony and spirituality through digital fine art.
Porto, Antonio Broccoli - Acrylics,watercolors, and metal sculptures by San Juan, Puerto Rico, based artist.
Prattas, James - Abstract art.
Price, Dawn - Original surrealist oil paintings.
Price, Don - Self-trained artist born in the San Joaquin Valley of California. His realistic oil paintings of landscapes, wildlife and seascapes are creations that originate and develop from the artist's imagination.
Puyandaev, Vadim - The artist's personal gallery, containing biographical information. Contemporary and post-modern art, canvas, sculptures and monumental works.
Querry, Diane - Paintings of African images and other wildlife. Also wildly colored cats.
Quigley, Tom - Abstract art.
Quinn, Patrick - Detailed, motivational fire fighter art work created by a retired fire fighter depicting our American heroes.
Rae, Nan - An internationally known chinese brush painter who offers reproductions of her work as greeting cards and fine art prints. She also offers copies of art class lessons delivered at the Huntington Museum each month.
Ramerini, Roberto - Landscapes from Chianti, Tuscany, Florence, and Siena.
Ray, Bill C. - Oil paintings and pastel drawings by an Alaskan artist living in Berlin Germany. Landscapes, boats, Sept. 11 and more.
Read, Anne - An on-line gallery of contemporary art with subjects including koi carp, horses, dogs and other animal subjects. Commissions, originals, prints.
Read, Sally A. - Contemporary adaption of the 19th century art.
Recher, Marcel - Racing cars, sailing crafts and flowers canvas, abstract art and structures.
Rendleman, Mark - Underground Art Collection, including paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photos, videos, and his famous Cave Project in Embudo, New Mexico. Now presenting information on the Rendleman Legal Case involving the 1st Amendment!
Renwick , Robert James - Contemporary works in Acrylics and Charcoals. Heads and Nudes in a predominantly Expresionist style.
Richardson, Jean - Large exciting paintings.
Riley, Rebecca - A contemporary New York abstract expressionist, working in oils and other media, on canvas and paper.
Risbourg, Bill - New Mexico artist.
Ritz, Lorna - Abstract expressionist drawings and oil paintings full of color and spirituality. Browse her fine art online gallery and learn about the artist's background.
Robb, Anne Bell - Features a variety of gift items and prints of the work of this painter. Works by commission available.
Robert S. Beal - Surrealist painter. Oils, Poetry, graphics and etchings.
Robertson, Mike - A Scottish based artist painting in oils and acrylics land/townscapes, transport, nostalgia. Ltd edition prints. Commission accepted.
Roisin O'Shea - a collection of original watercolour paintings from around Ireland creatd by Irish Artist Roisin O'Shea
Roloff,Sam - Ols, watercolor, etc.
Rooksby, Carmen - A website describing my art, life, thoughts and interests.
Roper, Stuart - Artist/Sculptor, featuring landscape, figure and still life paintings, garden sculpture, urns, benches and more.
Rose, Brenda - Creative silk paintings.
Rothman, Patricia - Free art e-cards portraying the collection of Patricia Rothman. Orignal watercolor art and dry prints (Giclee) are also available.
Roy, Prosenjit - Displays realistic oil and acrylic paintings, and digital art by a young doctor from Bengal, India, who left his profession to pursue art.
Rubinkam, Steve - Bright, lively impressionistic paintings in a range of subject matter.
Rugh, Doug - A classical realist fine artist creates still-life, landscape, figure, and portrait paintings in oil.
Russ, Nadia - Acrylic on canvas and paper.
Ryan, Brendan - Bold and brash contemporary works from an artist based in Bondi Beach Sydney Australia.
Rykken, Rolf - Expressionistic figurative oil paintings.
Sandford Birdsey - An internationally known artist who lives and works in Key West, Florida. Her paintings are in several noted private collections including that of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the Phillip Morris Collection.
Sanlon, Helen - Paintings of people, places, pets and buildings.
Santell, Carol M - Acrylics and watercolors. My work is impressionistic in nature and I have lived in France while painting these scenes.
Santiago, Glenda - Contemporary fine art paintings, including figures, still-lifes, landscapes, and interiors.
Sauls, Jerry - Limited edition sports prints & seascape paintings.
Savad, Susan - Suburban landscapes painted in alkyds.
Sawyer, Kat - Paintings of the California landscape in the classic plein air style.
Schahrer, JC - Watercolors with varied themes and styles.
Schleppenbach, Jane - Includes landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor scenes, mostly representational, some abstract.
Schuette, A.N. - Giclee Reproductions & paintings.
Schwabel, Kendra - Unique limited edition artwork with hand-painted mats.
Schwartz, Sharon L. - New Jersey artist offers beautiful portraits of you or your loved ones, and also house portraits done in oils, pastel or watercolor.
Schwarz, Kurt - This site allows you to view my paintings in the categories of Still Life and Portraits.
Scott, Mary Trent - Offers oil and acrylic paintings, prints, greeting cards and postcards in a folk style.
Scrutchings, Willie Lee - Showcase of the original oil and watercolor paintings.
Segal, Harvey - Pastel Paintings with lots of coler. Portraits , Still life, and Landscape.
Seifert, Brita - Surreal landscapes, painted dreams, indian spirits, Also web design.
Sethman, Elinor - Kaleidoscope paintings done in watercolor and mixed media.
Shatto, Melissa K - original artwork in a classical style, commissions taken, portraits and nudes, "My passion lies in the colours of the flesh and the windows to the soul."
Shelley Hocknell - A wide range of subjects, specialising in dynamic paintings of rock climbers.
Shevlino, David - Figurative and landscape paintings.
Shilpi, Sanjay - Recent abstract paintings. Media: Mixed and oil on canvas.
Shipley, Phyllis - Award winning watercolor, acrylic and mixed medium paintings by international artist. Covers many areas of interest including florals, landscapes, still life, and animals.
Siemens, Richard - oil and acrylic paintings are unique, original and highly detailed.
Sigberman, Rich - Wedding art, Ketubot, illustration, original art any way you want it, specializing in vibrant colors projecting energy and enthusiasm.
Silva, Guillermo - Fine arts.
Silverstein, Karen - My paintings express what I feel about the Earth from a woman's perspective
Simmons, Dominique - Featuring original paintings, drawings, and 3-D works of art.
Simonelli, Michael - Original artworks of wood and metal sculpture, oil and acrylic. Mainly surrealism, cubism, modern and abstract art.
Simons, L. Woodward - Landscape, still life, and portrait paintings in oil and watercolor; art instruction and workshops.
Simpson, Sheila - Paintings & Greeting Cards done in Watercolor on Papyrus and Egg Tempera on Japanese Paper. Wild birds,abstract, still life, flowers & landscapes painted in vibrant color with texture and warmth.
Sirani, Elizabetta - Original artwork from 1663.
Slater, Candida - Gallery of paintings available direct from the artist. Large colourful abstract works to decorate modern homes and offices.
Slater, Geoff - Geoff Slater is a Canadian artist creating landscape drawings and paintings at his studio in St. Andrews by the Sea, near the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick.
Slonim, David - The art and illustration of everyday scenes.
Smiley, J - Secializing in her southwestern heritage.
Smith, Anne Marie - Displays paintings of spiritual images. Artist employs acrylic and pencil on canvas, as well as watercolor on handmade paper, with collage.
Smith, Chris - Contains oil, acrylic and pastel paintings. There are abstract, surreal and impressionistic paintings in this collection.
Smith, Christene Leonard - Exuberant paintings by single mom.
Snow, Adrienne - A small fine art studio located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Artist paints in Acrylic on paper and depicts east coast scenes.
Solis Joni - Affordable original fine art paintings of nature and animals.
Sonnie, Timlin - Large scale, figurative, contemporary, abstract, surrealist paintings based on stream of consciousness. Also sculptures using innovative materials such as concrete.
Spanko, Nikolai - Surrealism Russian artist offering the oils on canvas, for sale by inexpensive prices.
Spargo, Fred - Based in Phoenix Az. No job to big or small. Satisfaction always, from motorcycles to a helmet, from an RV, to a car.
Speed, David - Lower Manhattan artist of abstract oil painting& Chinese watercolors, incorporating Asian themes.
Spielman, Paul - Modern art prints and originals.
Spilman, Grace Kaiulani - Oils, Acrylic & Watercolor media, Hawaiian, Southwestern and International subjects, works available in Originals, Giclee Prints and Notcards.
Srimati LAL - Paintings, drawings, & original writings by artist born in India.
Starke, Phil - Original impressionistic work.
Sternheim, Gerhard - Mystic painting between realism and abstraction from Viennese Painter.
Sterzenbach, Heinz - surrealistic pictures in various mediums Site available in English or German.
Stokes Curtis, - Offering a variety of custom airbrush services for parties, T-shirts, special event props, centerpieces, murals, portraits, pools and more.
Stone, Adam - Contemporary gallery of "Funky Figuratives" and "Urbanite Hooligan's..." Originals and High Quality Limited Edition Prints available! Commissions welcome!
Stone, Paul - Vermont artist. Watercolors, oils and other works. Visitors interested in purchasing are invited to inquire directly to the artist.
Story, Michael - An exhibition of available original paintings, pastels and prints by Southern artist. - Sells unframed oils, watercolors, and mixed medium from talented European Street Artists.
Strickland, Dave - Long-time Colorado resident captures America's landscape on canvas.
Strobel, Heike - A German artist, paints fine art with acrylic and charcoal.
Stubblefield, Noël - Watercolor painting, Iris Giclee Prints, and Mixed Media.
Stutler, Gary - A visual diary of a contemporary intimist's creative past and present.
Sulzen, Julie - Focuses on Still Lifes, Landscapes, Portrait and Figure paintings.
Sund, Pamela - The artist and art critic who is represented by Sylvia Schmidt Gallery of New Orleans.
Sutliffe, Fredrick - Prints, artist's proofs & originals.
Sutter, Sina - Fine art of Cuban born artist.
Swanson, Michael - Paintings, around and about Brantford, Ontario.
Symons, Elizabeth - Studio Art: Paintings and exibits. Original work in watercolour/oil/ink and mixed media. Art classes, commissions.
Tate, Rita - Pastels, oils, pencil drawings, watercolors.
Tiana Marie - Painter of light and dramatic landscapes in the Romantic tradition - especially England's Lakeland.
Tickle, William - Featuring fine art of various mediums, including oil paintings, photography, charcoal drawings, acrylics and pastels.
Tiede, Laura - Original oil, acrylic, and pastel drawings.
Timmons, Aidan - Original Irish landscape paintings for sale directly from the artist.
Tomak - Offers original works, screenprints, and multi-media by this Austrian painter. In English, German, and Spanish.
Travis, Kathryn - Art is available in several sizes and either in color or black and white prints.
Trout, Margot - A landscape painter who works directly from nature and whose paintings reflect the quiet beauty of the Berkshires.
Troxell. Diana Wright - Paintings of gardens and cottages, and portraits.
Tudor, Paula - A romanian watercolorist.
Valerie, Hird - Paintings in oil and watercolor are based on travels through Europe and Asia.
van Dam, M. Nicole - Features original works and prints of a variety of nature and animal subjects. Also offers themed gift items. Business and design consultancy available.
Vanhorn, Dean R. - Landscape paintings in oil of the Cascade Region.
VanTil, Melissa - Original, ethereal, figurative studies of women.
Vares, Ain - Religious art.
Venosa, Robert - Fantastic Realism painter, Robert Venosa, and includes most of his artwork plus biographical and artistic information.
Villarreal, Joe - Hispanic cultural art.
Vivian, Paul - Paintings,images,information about contemporary artist working in u.k.
Voelker, Russell - Oil painting and watercolor representations of western landscapes.
Vollenhoven, Emile Snellen v - Drawings and diapresentation and body art.
Walker, Michelle - Paintings, Trompe L'oeil murals, screen savers, ceramics.
Walker, Robert - Fine art gallerie filled bold and powerful abstract art and artwork. These watercolors will change your perception of watercolor and gouache, definitely abstract expressionism.
Wardley, Michelle - Naturally inspired original oil paintings of coastal Australian scenes.
Warner, Ann - Colorfull realistic paintings which express moods.
Warren, Jacqueline L. - Contemporary original artwork. Available for purchase are paintings, drawings, and works on paper done in oils and mixed media. Specializing in corporate art commissions.
Watercolors and acrylics by Doug Lew - Watercolor painting and acrylic paintings by Doug Lew of Minnesota, whose painting styles include sports, action and impressionist portraits including commissioned watercolors.
Wearmouth Jan - Pet portraits in including dogs and cats & wildlife paintings in oil and pastel.
Weber, Martha - Award-winning artist.
Weir, Bert - The spiritual expression of nature through large colourful abstract landscapes.
Weiss, Larry - Usually realistic, sometimes abstract original art, in watercolor, and oils of Long Island, especially the Babylon Islip area.
Weiss, Lene - Art prints, printographs personalized for you only. Posters, web design, image manipulation, logo and collages.
Wells, F. Michael - His work is eclectic, challenging, stimulating, colorful, mystical, sensuous, painterly and significant.
Wendy Routen - Wendy Routen´s dancers supplant speech with a univeral language of movement and grace
Werntz, Sarah - Contemporary, realistic, and folk art.
Wesley, Ken - A selection of paintings (oil on canvas.)
Westman, Ron - Images of oil paintings by contemporary Pacific Northwest artist.
Wetherington. Oscar - Carolina low-country landscapes and flowers by the late South Carolina artist and teacher. Please allow the Wetherington family to share our treasures with you.
White, Taylor - Animal paintings, wildlife and nature paintings, visual arts, oil paintings, oil and acrylic paintings, paintings on canvas, nature paintings, and original oils. An exhibition of nature and wildlife.
Whiteaker, Jim - My art is a realistic exploration of the human nude, with an erotic edge, in several mediums: drawing, painting, photography and 3D.
Whiting, III, Prince - Painting of people in golf and original setings.
Whiting, Samuel K. - Acrylic on canvas paintings with vibrant colors, interesting brush strokes and unique style.
Whitten, Michelle - Showcase of the original artwork and limited edition prints of this Newfoundland artist.
Wightman, K. R. - Affordable portraiture from client photos.
Wiid, Avril - The Procape-za gallery offers original artworks by Avril Wiid of the peoples, landscapes, flora and fauna of the Western Cape of South Africa, in oils, watercolours, pastels and prints
Wildanger, Theo - Fine art for sale by impressionist painter Theo Wildanger and other guest artists. Orignal paintings, reproductions, and greeting cards. Featuring a new guest artist each month.
Wilding, Anna - Colorful nature landscapes, mostly oil on canvas.
Wilkins, Clive - One of the UK's leading figurative artists.
Wilkinson, Nick - Paintings of landscapes and seascapes by cornish based artist.
Williams, Peter - Collection of arresting modern art paintings in acrylics and collage.
Williamson, Linda G. - Paintings of a variety of media and a variety of subjects with a variety of treatments.
Winik - A Canadian visual artist whose figurative paintings are psychological explorations of isolation, interpersonal relationships, gender analysis and female sexuality.
Winter, Ben - Work is created in a wide variety of media; charcoal, pastels, oils and watercolours.
Wise, Peter - A mixed media artist located in Massahcusetts.
Wiseman, Devra - Original paintings, photos and computer art.
Woge, Carlos - Oils, watercolor and pastels from contemporary Mexico.
Wood, Mary - Canadian artist offering a selection of abstraction, realism, and equestrian paintings, done in acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.
Wu, Yiming - Contemporary chinese painter.
Yax, David - Cincinnati Ohio based contemporary artist featuring highly technical architectural acrylic paintings to abstract found object sculptures and mixed media designs.
Yoon, Thomas - Specializes in watercolor.
Zahr, May - My art is abstract symbolism, evolved to descibe abstract forms and beings. My messages speak of love, light, union and eternity. My paintings can be backlit.
Zantman, Theo - Bali - Belgium - Holland & portrait painter.
Zorica Turkalj, Artist - Original oil paintings (portraits, cityscapes, still-life, modern), mixed-media and drawings.